VDL Bus & Coach has expanded the Futura range with a new length version, the FHD2-135. The advantage of this Futura, with a length of 13.5 metres, is the huge luggage space of over 12 m3 and the maximum seating arrangement of 63+1+1. This seating arrangement is unique on 2 axles. Besides the FHD2-135, VDL also offers the FMD2 in the 13.5 metre length.


VDL Futura FHD2-135 The Futura FHD2 is an exceptional coach for first-class travel, from day trips to multi-day trips abroad. This new Futura length version is also ideally suited for long-distance intercity transport.

Due to a recent relaxation of regulatory restrictions, the maximum length of a two-axle vehicle is now 13.5 metres.

For the coach operator the Futura FMD2 means Profit of Ownership. A low kerb weight, reduced fuel consumption, high passenger capacity, lots of luggage space and a low kilometre price make the Futura FHD1 an extremely profitable investment.