New Citaro hybrids

The first new Citaro hybrid buses left the factory and will gradually go into service with Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG .

They will be used to carry passengers on inner-city routes in Stuttgart. Based on the hybrid technology recently unveiled by Mercedes-Benz, the vehicles impress with a fuel saving of up to 8.5 percent.

In late 2018, the Citaro hybrids are then due to switch to the new X1 express bus service introduced by SSB especially for low-emission buses with innovative powertrain technology.


  • Makes the diesel engine even more economical while optimising the degree of electrification for maximum overall economic efficiency
  • Low-voltage technology for easy maintenance
  • Mild hybrid storage :Disc-shaped electric motor is positioned between the engine and the automatic transmission. On overrun or when the bus is braking, the energy recovery phase, the motor acts as a generator to produce electric power, which is briefly stored by the Citaro hybrid in capacitors, so-called mild hybrid storage (MHS). When the bus accelerates again, the electric motor uses the stored energy to assist the diesel or gas engine with extra torque.
  • The electric motor has a maximum output of 14 kW with a torque of 220 Nm.