UD Trucks unveils Quester and Croner in four Latin American markets


UD Trucks rolled out sales of its heavy-duty Quester and its new medium-duty Croner model in the four Latin American markets of Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Trinidad and Tobago from October to December in 2017. Quester and Croner offer a greater range of variants and options than existing models, matching the precise needs of customers in a wide range of activities.

UD Trucks has been active in Latin America for approximately 50 years. Built to endure a harsh environment of high altitude and many unsurfaced roads, UD Trucks have earned a high customer regard for their reliability. The company’s heavy-duty models are widely deployed in road construction, infrastructure and other public projects, and occupy a large share of the market for mixers and tippers used in transporting natural resources. Quester adopts a new rivetless frame and high-durability hub reduction, meeting the needs of local customers who demand high operational and economic performance.

Another addition to UD Trucks’ line-up is the GKE Tractor, which meets the needs of medium, long haul and inter-city transport of natural resources and oil, major industries in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Trinidad and Tobago. Quester’s robustness and its spacious cabin built to European specifications are designed for tough conditions, such as transporting natural resources or oil on unsurfaced roads from the extraction site to the port.

The construction industry is the main source of demand for medium- and heavy-duty trucks alike. The range of Gross Vehicle Weight options, previously 11 tons and 17 tons, has been expanded with the new Croner adding 13-ton LKE and 15-ton PKE versions. It also offers a wider choice of engine sizes and other options. As a result, UD Trucks expects to reach beyond the construction industry and sell to the urban delivery market, where it has not previously participated.

UD Trucks subjected Quester and Croner to rigorous high-altitude performance testing before introducing them to the market, including road testing for endurance at an altitude of 5,000 meters in Peru. UD Trucks is committed to developing the appropriate truck for its’ customers’ operating conditions. Accordingly, all models are available in both right and left-hand drive.