Solaris sells 41 more trolleybuses after 150 bus delivery to Lithuanian transport provider UAB

In accordance with the agreement, all 41 trolleybuses will be delivered to Vilnius in 2018. The Solaris Trollino 12 vehicles will be equipped, among others, in energy recuperation system, air-conditioned passenger compartment, Wi-Fi Internet, USB charging sockets for the passengers and a CCTV monitoring system. One of the additional safety features on board will be a breathalyser, installed in the driver’s cabin and checking the driver’s sobriety before starting the vehicle.

The trolleybuses from Solaris are well familiar to the citizens of Vilnius. The Polish producer delivered its first vehicles of this type to the capital of Lithuania in 2004. Together with buses, there are nearly 200 vehicles marked with a Solaris logo in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Panevezys. Owing to the agreement signed with VVT in November 2017 for a delivery of 150 buses (100 new Urbino 12 and 50 new Urbino 18), and the new contract including 41 trolleybuses, in 2018 this number will be doubled.

“It is with a great pleasure and satisfaction that we accepted the information of choosing our offer as the best one in a tender for a delivery of 41 trolleybuses to Vilnius. It was in the capital of Lithuania, a dozen or so years ago, that we started to create the foundations of modern trolleybus transport. Nowadays, trolleybuses from Solaris have become a part of the city’ landscape. We are very proud that we can participate in the further development of the ecological and emission-free public transport system in Vilnius”, said Krzysztof Kowalski, Member of the Management Board of Solaris Bus & Coach Latvia, during the signing of the contract.