Three years after launching the first Next, Indcar will introduce a new integral version of this minibus model at Busworld, designed entirely by Indcar and equipped with a DAF engine. The current range has four versions in four lengths (from 7 to 10m) and multiple interior distributions (from 27 to 41 seats with PRM options), which allows it to adapt to the needs of any service and operator.

The new vehicle shares with its predecessors the elegant exterior design and a very spacious interior, conceived in order to provide a high comfort area for the passengers. It also stands for its great luggage capacity.

During the development of the project, the focus was placed on achieving the perfect integration of all the vehicle’s elements. This led to the design of a minibus, where the comfort, design, security, quality, and performance have been worked on as a whole.

The driver’s area has been created from scratch in order to create a practical dashboard for the bus driver.

The most powerfulul unit of the series will be powered by a 264CV Paccar PX-7 engine.

Furthermore, two Mobi versions will be exposed at Kortrijk: one low entry version and a schoolbus. The Mobi model is a highly functional, economic and reliable vehicle concept built on an Iveco Daily 70 chassis.  It is available in different versions, and is adaptable to PRM. It is ideal for urban, intercity, short distance and school services. It has a maximum capacity of 33 seats.

Indcar’s best selling model, the Wing, will be another of the vehicles seen to bes een at the.Indcar stand. It is well-known for its quality, reliability, and comfort. It is sold in multiple interior distributions and adapted to PRM. Built on an Iveco Daily 70C chassis, it is able to transport up to 28 passengers.

Another one selected for the occasion is the Next L7, the smaller version of the model, with a 7m length and a capacity for 27 passengers.