Renault Trucks, is leading the FALCON (Flexible & Aerodynamic Truck for Low CONsumption) consortium project to develop a complete heavy-duty tractor-trailer combination to consume 13% less fuel than a standard coupling towed by a Renault Trucks.

The project team is focusing on optimized aerodynamics of the truck and trailer combination; connected low rolling resistance tires; and predictive energy-saving driving aid and fuel management functions, together with an improved powertrain using a new-generation Rankine heat recovery system and optimized lubricant formulations.

With the exception of the Rankine system, this technology is set to be integrated into a demonstration vehicle and tested in real conditions at the end of 2018.

The technical developments are aiming to achieve a maximum client ROI of two years in normal operating conditions, with a view to starting production in the medium-term.

The FALCON (Flexible & Aerodynamic Truck for Low CONsumption) project is led by Renault Trucks with a consortium of partners including Faurecia, Michelin, Total, Fruehauf, Wezzoo, Benomad, Styl’Monde, Polyrim, Enogia, the IFPEN, the École centrale de Lyon (LMFA) and the IFSTTAR (LTE; LESCOT). It is receiving financial support from the French state via the FUI Regions fund.