Connexxion is one of the biggest public transport operators in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of the Transdev group.

The articulated Solarises supplied to Connexxion are modern vehicles fitted with environmental-friendly DAF drive units meeting rigorous Euro 6 emission standards. These are coupled with a ZF 6AP type transmissions. The operator will deploy the buses in the Dutch region of Amstelland-Merlanden, as part of the so-called R-net public transport system.

The latest bus fleet additions, made in Bolechowo, boast a number of features that raise the comfort and safety of passengers. Among these are a highly efficient air conditioning, interior and exterior lighting made using energy-saving LED technology, the possibility of using free Wi-Fi Internet on-board and USB ports enabling passengers to re-charge mobile devices mid-ride. What is more, the buses contain an extensive monitoring and passenger information system as well as a fire extinguishing system. Drivers, on the other hand, are provided with air-conditioned, open driver cabins, complete with, among others, heated and vented seats and screens showing views from five interior and one road-facing CCTV cameras.

These specs of the vehicle and efficient management of the interior space make it possible for the new Urbino 18 for Connexxion to carry up to 140 passengers on board at the same time, with 46 seats of which 15 are on level with the low floor. Passengers proceed through one of the three double doors, arranged in a layout of 2-2-2-0.