The commercial vehicle supplier SAF-HOLLAND has won the European Transport Award for Sustainability in the category “Overall Entrepreneurial Concept” for the Company’s “Think Ahead” sustainability program.

The “Think Ahead” initiative, launched in 2015, is now an integral part of SAF-HOLLAND’s Group-wide sustainability concept, which comprises the three pillars – People, Energy and Environment. One example under this initiative is SAF-HOLLAND’s cooperation with the well-known environmental organization “Plant for the Planet,” which holds workshops to train children and young people to become climate ambassadors in addition to its tree planting campaigns. Other “Think Ahead” measures are focused on promoting employee health and supporting local social projects at the Group’s international sites.
“The idea of ‘Think Ahead’ is firmly embedded in SAF-HOLLAND’s corporate philosophy. We believe it is important to not only talk about sustainability but to think ahead and ensure that this fundamental concept is well anchored in the Company. In this sense, we are continually translating new ideas on climate protection and social commitment into concrete projects. We are particularly pleased with the strong commitment we see from our employees and the high level of attention achieved by the ‘Think Ahead’ initiative on all levels. The European Sustainability Award provides us even more incentive and shows that we are on the right track”, explains SAF-HOLLAND CEO Detlef Borghardt.