Hölzl Agrosystem e.K. uses suction excavator on Arocs platform Mighty power take-off for impressive suction performance OM 471 Euro VI with 390 kW (530 hp) proves rugged and reliable engine in challenging stationary operation Mercedes-Benz supports bodybuilders with comprehensive service.

Arocs 3253 L 8×4 as carrier vehicle for suction excavator on a building site at the Bavarian regional parliament in Munich.

Mighty power take-off guarantees impressive suction performance

Without the suction excavator, the workers would be left with the laborious task of transporting rubble and earth out of the pit by wheelbarrow. As it is, a mini-excavator just scoops the material in front of the end of the suction tube while the strong airflow sucks everything, be it thick red chunks of brick or fine crumbs of limestone, up into the eight cubic metre collection container on the Arocs. With a circulation of up to 44 000 m3 of air per hour and a maximum vacuum of just under 0.45 bar, the conveying capacity is quite considerable. The container is full within very short time