FleetBoard Drivers’ League 2017:

The most economical driving style wins in Daimler FleetBoard Drivers League
which has started May 1st in 19 countries .

The search for the best drivers and fleets starts up again. For the 13th time truck drivers in participating countries around the world can join the FleetBoard Drivers’
League. The starting signal will sound on May 1st, and registrations will be accepted up to and including July 2nd. Participants will then be measuring themselves at national and international level against a thousand other drivers and fleets up until 31 July 2017. For the first time Russia, Hungary and Ireland will be taking part in the competition.

Whether in a one-on-one competition or as a team, with the Drivers’ League not only will every individual driver get a motivational boost, but so will the team spirit in your
company. This year’s slogan is: DRIVE. DUEL. WIN.


In the Drivers’ League, drivers compete against each other in their everyday business behind the wheels of their trucks.

The participants’ driving styles are evaluated by the way of their driving style grade from the FleetBoard Performance Analysis. This is based on a combination of wear and consumption-related factors, such as anticipatory driving style, speed changes and braking behaviour. New this year are bonus points for driver duels – drivers can challenge each other and add 0.1 bonus points to theiroverall Drivers’ League grade for each duel they win. This is composed of the total driving style grade from the Fleet- Board Performance Analysis and the bonus points from the duels won. If more than one driver has the same overall Drivers’ League grade, the second criterion applied is a score for the degree of difficulty in the driver’s deployment, which will also come from the FleetBoard Performance Analysis. This includes the gradient indicator, which is calculated from the elevation metres covered in a trip, the number of stops and the load. The greater the number of stops counted, the more difficult the deployment; and the greater the overall weight, the higher the degree of difficulty, too.

If multiple drivers are level at this point, then the third criterion – namely the fuel consumption – will come into effect.
The drivers who have registered for the Drivers’ League drive their usual routes – but they must have covered at least 3200 km on the road in the month to qualify for the
contest. A fleet team is composed of all the drivers for a company that the fleet administrator has nominated for the Drivers’ League. There must be at least three drivers in
a team, and they must clock up at least 9600 km in amonth. The performance of the three best drivers on a team will go to make that team’s submission.