Scania- Ghana Team

Scania’s new training program will be at Ghana

The present Government Technical Training Centre annually enrols approximately 120 students for three-year vocational training as service technicians for passenger cars and minibuses. However, there has never been any training programme for heavy vehicles in the country. The service technician is now a highly qualified persons that you entrust with valuable asset.

The new “Heavy Duty Mechatronic” vocational training programme will be part of the Government Technical Training Centre but will be carried out at a 500-square metre building within Scania’s premises. Scania also provides the major part of industry funding for this project and will in addition to providing vehicles also contribute to developing training content.

Within the three-year training curriculum for service technicians, approximately 25 students per year will have the opportunity during their final year to specialise in mechatronics for heavy vehicles with training in, for example, systematic trouble-shooting using digital diagnostics systems.