Irizar e-mobility is signing the largest European contract for the supply of 18 m, BRT system, zero emissions articulated buses with Amiens Metropole.

The contract with Amiens Metropole, a city in Northern France, includes the manufacture of 42 units of the 18 metre articulated bus, Irizar ie tram model

These buses will be manufactured by the company during the next year in the new Aduna plant that has been operating at full capacity since last year. The new order takes the existing portfolio to 69 units of such model.

 About Irizar ie tram model

The Irizar ie tram is an articulated 18-metre bus. An articulated bus with the aesthetic attributes of a tram, developed based on the idea that the design participates in the attractiveness of the service and the city, and in the development of comfort for the citizen.

The combination of large capacity, ease of access and the interior spatial organization of a tram, with zero emissions, define the DNA of this new vehicle. The Irizar ie tram offers a design that starts from a minimalist aesthetic language, without ornaments, with all of its features responding to specific functional aspects, creating an identity
and an image that are easily recognizable by users.

One of its most significant design features is the chrome edging that flows around the body of the vehicle. It makes for immediate identification and creates a appearance that is different to other similar vehicles. This edging, like an icon, is an identifying feature associated with the brand.

The chrome edging runs around the large glass surface of the sides, which becomes a canvas on which the environment through which the vehicle travels is reflected.

The front reflects fluidity and elegance, with a large glazed surface that evokes the heritage of the tram, which together with the full led optics integrated in the edging rings, creates a composite appearance that is avant-garde but technological and rational at the same time. The rear, which breaks with the cubic form of the use, is
another of our major aesthetic advances.

The innovative, inspiring design of the Irizar ie tram breaks with the classic transport codes and enhances the charm of the city by reflecting urban cultural diversity.