GAZ GROUP unveiled GAZon NEXT Truck at Expocruz 2017


GAZon NEXT truck is a new-generation medium-duty cargo vehicle intended to transport cargoes both within the city and between cities. Vehicle load capacity is up to 5 t, gross weight is 8.7 t. The vehicle is equipped with an efficient pneumatic brake system with disk brakes for front and rear wheels. Integral steering provides for high information capacity and good driveability at application of small force to the steering wheel. Front suspension is equipped with extended springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and stabilizer bar, thus providing high travelling comfort and road stability when driving on a high speed. Simplicity of installing special superstructures allows creating different modifications of specialty vehicles on GAZon NEXT chassis, for example, dump trucks, multipurpose road maintenance vehicles, food and fuel storage tanks, repair cars and reach stackers. The vehicle is produced with two cabin versions: standard (3 seats) and double-row (seats for up to 7 passengers) as well as with two versions of the wheelbase – standard and extended.