The ACTIA® Group

Created in 1986, ACTIA® is an international group based in Toulouse, France, specialising in high value added on-board electronic systems for the automotive and telecom markets.

a. ACTIA® and its development priorities:

Since the merger of its subsidiaries ACTIA Muller and ACTIA Automobile in July 2015, ACTIA® has energised the entire group through the synergy gained from a buoyant automotive sector.

The group is divided into two business lines: the Automotive Division and the Telecom Division.

A client-orientated strategy based on quality and innovation has lifted the group to the number one position in its core business for vehicles manufactured in small- and midsized series.A client-orientated strategy based on quality and innovation has lifted the group to the number one position in its core business for vehicles manufactured in small- and midsized series.

For ACTIA®, growth is essentially focussed on two strategic areas: telematics systems for vehicles and drive systems for electric vehicles.

From a Safety operation point of view, expertise in OEM vehicle architecture provides a privileged position for after-sales.

ACTIA® is also a pioneer in the field of Cyber-Security. Its implementation is based on solid experience acquired in digital tachygraphy and data protection, especially in the area of automobile diagnostics.

Our connected and sustainable mobility solutions position ACTIA® as a Tier 1 OEM in three vehicle segments: light, commercial and industrial.


• 2015 turnover: E381.2 million (up 12.2% on 2014)

• Over 3,000 employees worldwide of whom 750 technicians and engineers

• 21 subsidiaries in 15 countries • 65% of revenue generated internationally

• 14% of annual revenue invested in R&D

II. ACTIA®, original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

a.Electric vehicles ACTIA® works with electric vehicle manufacturers as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The group manufactures equipment and sells the rights to clients to use it under their own brand. The group provides OEM electric drive systems produced at the group’s French manufacturing plant. So far, over 5,000 electric vehicles have been fitted with our systems.

This OEM market for electric vehicles is not limited to light vehicles. The group is developing a 140 kW model for buses. The range of ACTIA® drive systems is renowned for its energy performance and efficiency enabling considerable autonomy and less battery wear.
 Passenger and goods transport vehicles equipped with electric drive systems are being rolled out worldwide. Adopted everywhere and by everyone – automakers, OEMs and operators – this subject has gained almost unprecedented unanimous support by all transport sector stakeholders and users. An OEM renowned for its electric drive system, ACTIA is on board. Already active on the international electric vehicle market, the group has designed and manufactured 8000 drive systems ranging from 50 kW for light vehicles to 90 kW for utility vehicles and minibuses. The group’s 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, ISO 16949 certification of its industrial plant and its demand for uncompromising quality from design to manufacture make it a go-to partner in the field of electric drive systems.

ACTIA has also incorporated into its developments the safety requirements stipulated in the ISO 26262 standard and regulation 100, both of which are a guarantee of a compliant electronic/electrical architecture. Backed by this expertise, ACTIA is expanding its range with a brand new 140-180 kW electric drive system for commercial and heavy industrial vehicles.


• The 50 kW drive system produced by ACTIA® is fitted in the Bolloré Blue Car and its very latest Blue Summer

• The 70 kW system is used on Gruau’s latest range of utility vehicles: the Electron II.

A premium and best-value offer:

ACTIA® electric drive systems benefit from the group’s historic automotive expertise, particularly in vehicle architecture and power electronics. Additionally, the group can provide a range of batteries, specific expertise developed by the group’s subsidiary in Germany, battery management systems (BMS) and appropriate converters.

b. On-board telematics

ACTIA® is boosting its positions on the industrial and commercial vehicle market and remains the leading supplier of lorry telematics equipment in Europe. ACTIA® has only just recently expanded into the market for light vehicle telematics.

Around one million telematics units have been manufactured in the group’s plants. Upstream from this manufacturing capability, the ACTIA® group’s telematics business relies on cuttingedge engineering that combines the group’s dual expertise in communication standards and vehicle architecture.

The OEM on-board telematics units produced by ACTIA® ensure the vehicle’s connectivity with its environment. The on-board TGU (Telematics Gateway Unit) is tailored to the connectivity needs of lorries helping optimise fleet management. The equivalent for light vehicles is called ACU (Actia Connected Unit). These units can be tailored to automaker’s specifications. In concrete terms, the user has access to an interface with the various portals to connect to the vehicle manufacturer’s services.

The open and communicating systems use short-range and medium-range radio technology, and incorporate the group’s Security and Safety technology. The full scope of ACTIA® expertise lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of small- and mid-sized series production runs.

III. ACTIA® on the aftermarket

a. Fleet management solutions

The position of ACTIA® on the connected vehicle aftermarket is an extension of the group’s expertise in vehicle architecture, OEM telematics and multi-make diagnostics.

ACTIA® is pursuing growth in two strategic areas: on-board telematics systems and an Internet portal for operation services.

These two areas provide the group with expertise across the entire value chain. ACTIA® offers a series of products ranging from manufactured on-board equipment (TGU telematics unit and ACTIA iCAN unit) to digitised back-office services offering a very broad range of functions (eco-driving, remote diagnostics, personnel management, service management, transport operation assistance, fleet management, etc.).

ACTIA® also leverages its multi-make expertise in diagnostics, maintenance and repair. This enables us to provide vehicle fleet management solutions. These connected solutions create a digitalised environment integrating the connected vehicle and garage. This ecosystem is a connected workshop. The transporter and servicing operator are therefore able to ensure an optimum level of vehicle fleet availability, reliability and profitability.

b. Connected vehicle inspection and connected workshop

Working closely with maintenance and repair professionals, ACTIA® is engaged in the current digital revolution that is gradually affecting all professional sectors. The relation between OEMs and workshops is just as strong as the relationship between the workshop and its end customers.

ACTIA® focuses its innovation on developing new services for the end customer: anticipating work on the vehicle, logging a record of the work performed, fostering trust through transparent services, and receiving objective advice throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. The connected workshop is part of this forward approach to customer demands and ongoing supervision.

In the area of vehicle inspection, ACTIA® has always favoured quality and durability for its equipment. The group’s experience in diagnostics means today it is able to provide and develop OBD (On Board Diagnostic) tools that are among the best performing on the market. The progress made by ACTIA® in connectivity underpins the development of a connected environment between measurement tools and IT systems in auto inspection centres.

ACTIA® adapts to its clients’ demands and to specific markets. Its recent success on South American and Asian markets are evidence of the group’s versatility and ability to adapt to local regulations. ACTIA® is fully capable of providing a global system (hardware and software), and of supporting its clients through to the operational phase.

ACTIA® is one of the undeniable leaders on the vehicle inspection market. The company has incorporated recent developments into its equipment – centre management software, range of brake testers for lorries, light vehicles and two and three-wheeled vehicles, and latest-generation exhaust analysers – and its expertise in mobile inspection solutions. ACTIA® is positioning itself to acquire market share in Germany when the fleet of brake testers is renewed starting in 2017.

Multi-Diag 360, the ACTIA® diagnostic solution

a. 13 years of multi-make diagnostics

In 2003, ACTIA launched Multi-Diag, a new generation of electronic diagnostic equipment. It combines the group’s expertise in on-board electronic systems and automakers’ electronic diagnostics. With Multi-Diag, all after-sales professionals now have access to the latest innovations in the field of electronic maintenance and repair. The ACTIA group’s teams have progressed the Multi-Diag range apace with the technological improvements incorporated into vehicles.

Today, Multi-Diag includes more than 15,000 multi-make diagnostic tools worldwide. The range of equipment and services for HGV and light vehicle repair shops is available to all aftersales stakeholders: automaker dealer networks, fast repair centres and independent garages. This unanimous choice is attributable not just to the vehicle and function cover provided by Multi-Diag but above all to its ease of familiarisation and use .

Multi-Diag is the result of ongoing work with professionals by ACTIA’s diagnostics and support services experts. The milestones in Multi-Diag’s 13 years reflect this commitment to working closely with professionals:

2003: Multi-Diag is the first and only system on the market that is Pass Thru J2534 compatible.

In terms of services, Multi-Diag is still the only system in Europe that offers a service agreement with onsite installation and removal without any additional cost.

2005: Multi-Diag develops profession-specific approaches. Repair professionals can now access Multi-Diag’s functions depending on the work they have to perform on the vehicle.

2007: Launch of Express Diag. This new function provides complete electronic inspection of all the vehicle’s electronic control units in just a few seconds.

2009: Launch of the One Click function for automatic V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) identification

2011: Repair help and profession hotline

2013: ACTIA CONNECT for Multi-Diag

2016: Launch of a major new innovation: the MULTI-DIAG 360

b. The main multi-make repair tool

Today, ACTIA® is launching ACTIA MULTIDIAG 360, the main multi-make repair tool. The functions that have made Multi-Diag such a success are still available: Express Diag, Professional Functions and access to ACTIA® help. The tool displays the faulty electronic control units and erases them all in just one click.

MULTIDIAG 360 provides new functions:

Guided methods that partner the repair professional step-by-step in resolving the fault.

Practical cases to find the same fault on the same vehicle, already resolved by the hot line.

Technical documentation immediately locates the electronic control unit and its wiring diagram. It’s an essential repair aid.

• Finally, information on spare parts identifies the part to be replaced and lets the repairer check availability in the distributor’s catalogue