Hino unveiled Hino 300 Series Light Duty Truck


Hino Singapore has announced the launch of its all new Hino 300 Series Light Duty Truck. Collaborating with Toyota Singapore under Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the Japanese marque will be applying the likes of its huge machinery to the local market. Known to be one of the best in countries such as Australia and Thailand, Hino’s General Manager Shuichi Kaneko said that it was a good time for the truck to be launched as the market traffic in Singapore is getting increasingly similar to Japan’s. By the looks of its steady expansion and adaptation of international design standards, the Hino 300 Series Light Duty Truck is establishing itself as the global benchmark that places it at the leading edge of truck development.

Best targeted for the ‘rough and tough’ workers of Singapore, the Hino 300 Series Light Duty Truck now comes with an improved interior that allows these workers to drive in comfort all-day long. It has larger door openings and footsteps that can accommodate a diverse range of physiques and enhance accessibility while the tilt and telescopic steering wheel and increased seat slide range ensure a comfortable driving experience for the drivers.